20+ Best Photography WordPress themes for Photographers

WordPress is responsible for 24% of global websites. It is popular because it is easy to use and has a great interface. If you are one of the people who use it and you want to improve your WordPress website, you will want to change the theme. Photographers are perfectionist, so they think of WordPress theme as on very important part of the website, so they want the best. Here are the best WordPress themes for photographers.

20+ Best Photography WordPress themes for Photographers

Below is the best WordPress themes for photographers.

1. Oshine

Oshine Photography WordPress themes

Oshine is a photographer WordPress theme that offers great features. It offers a lot of different layouts and it is very flexible. Every user gets: unlimited color options and 50 drag and drop builder modules. The developers offer 16 demos so you can see all capabilities of the theme. According to a feedback, this theme can bring your photography website to a higher level!.

2. ePix

ePix Photography WordPress themes

ePix has a 5 star rating, so it has to be good. According to a survey, it is one of the most popular WordPress photography themes on the internet. This is possible because it offers unlimited skin variations, it is easy to adjust and it offers a great level of flexibility. All photographers must know that their website must be at the highest level when it comes to interface and graphics. This theme can improve your WordPress website in a couple of minutes.

3. Moon

Moon Photography WordPress themes

Moon is one of many WordPress themes for photographers that gives you an ability to work from anywhere you want. It is fully supported by smartphones and tablets, so you don’t have to stay in the office the whole day. It will improve your creative website.

4. Darkroom

Darkroom Photography WordPress themes

Darkroom has very simple design. However, it is great for showing your photos, portfolio and your posts. In addition, it also offers great support for widgets. It has light/dark header UI so it is great for showing your background image.

5. Photocrati

Photocrati is highly customizable and modern WordPress theme. It offers 60 different styles. Users can change the style, color variations and the size of the elements via very easy to use theme option panel. Even better, it has been integrated with the eCommerce, which means that you can use it to sell your photography or etc. It has been designed for professional photographers who want a simple but highly customizable WordPress theme.

6. Diamond

Diamond Photography WordPress themes

Diamond is a professional and modern WordPress theme that offers a lot of qualities. Probably the best side of the theme is the full screen slider. Even better, it supports video and images, so you can use it for any content you need. The album feature is perfect as well. It is the best solution for categorizing your memories.

7. Inspiro

Inspiro Photography WordPress themes

Inspiro is the best WordPress theme for photographer who wants a lot of widgets. In fact, there are thousands of them, available right now. The coding includes CSS3 and HTML5 so scrolling is smooth and the hovering effect (makes the content pop) is great and very interesting.

8. Tempo

Tempo Photography WordPress themes

Tempo is a WordPress theme that has been developed in order to provide speed and functionality to all users. On the other side, it is able to provide perfect support for many images. All of them will be rendered into the Retina style, so you can expect high quality.

9. Insight

Insight Photography WordPress themes

Insight is powerful and stunning WordPress theme that offers full customization. Because of this, it is a perfect theme for photographers. Thanks to the Dynamic Homepage Builder, you will be able to sort and display your images how you want. There are a lot of features. In addition, content slider is one of the best you can get.

10. Munich

Munich Photography WordPress themes

Munich is a very simple and easy to implement theme. In most cases, you are going to need a company in order to build your website. However, with the Munich, this is completely different. You don’t need any special knowledge, thanks to the drag and drop support. So, making your website will be the same as playing a game on Facebook.

11. Soho

Soho Photography WordPress themes

Soho is a great theme for WordPress websites that support video and images. It is modern and it offers full screen layout. The slider is implemented with a lot of care, so it offers the best functionality and best appearance. The theme supports all commonly used web browsers, so you won’t have any problems with accessing the website and modifying it.

12. RokoPhoto

RokoPhoto Photography WordPress themes

If you want to see the word PHOTO in the name of the theme you are going to use RokoPhoto is the perfect theme for you. It is modern, sleek and offers great features. Users commented that the loading the content is fast and effortless. You can use a great header, if you want to welcome your visitors.

13. Superba

Superba Photography WordPress themes

Superba is a great WordPress theme if you want simplicity mixed with a lot of features. This theme is best known for providing a lot of options when it comes to setting intro page, social network website links and slogans. Thanks to these features, visitors will like the time they spend on your website.

14. Vega

Vega Photography WordPress themes

Vega has been designed by a real artist. It offers high resolution and easy navigation. All known web browsers are supported so you won’t have problems with implementation. In addition, you can upload the background and header images in no time and use Parallax effects.

15. Bow

Bow Photography WordPress themes

Bow features more than 4 columns. But, it is easily accessible by all devices, including smartphones and tablets. It has been designed in the full SEO tactic manner and it supports all plugins. Also, it offers more than 600 Google fonts.

16. Armada

Armada is a professional WordPress theme, used by many photographers. It has 16 skins that are pre-designed, so all you need to do is to apply them. It is one of the most customizable WordPress themes you can find. Simply said, you can change anything you want. In addition, it allows you to choose how your content is going to be presented.

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17. Finch

Finch is a simple theme that pays a lot of attention to the details, so visitors often link this theme with perfection. On the other side, it offers countless color variations and it 20 builder options. The theme was developed with the Twitter Bootstrap v3.

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18. Santino

Santino is the latest theme, build with CSS3 and HTML5 techniques, so it is very modern. This theme is perfect for photographers and modeling agencies, because it offers a lot of details, features and simplicity. The best part of the theme is background music player.

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19. Oyster

Oyster will make your website look great, no matter on which device you access it, because it is retina ready and responsive. It has been designed thanks to the CSS3 and HTML5 techniques so it looks amazing.

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20. Kameron

Kameron is a special WordPress theme, because it was built with the latest and most advance HTML5 and CSS3 techniques. It offers YouTube and Vimeo support, vertical and horizontal layouts and a lot more.

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21. eClipse

eClipse is retina ready and highly responsive WordPress theme. It comes with: image, background, video and layouts that make customization easy. In addition, this theme also includes GT3 Page Builder Plugin (drag and drop).

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