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How to Get High Quality Backlinks? – [Beginners Guide]

How to Get High Quality Backlinks?. f you want free traffic from Search Engines then it is vital to get backlinks. In the previous section I discussed the on page optimization factors that are responsible for improving the ranking of a blog or its pages in search engines. However to further improve your blog and its pages ranking in Google you need to follow the factors of off page optimization.

Off Page Optimization is the process of getting links for your blog or its pages. For example when Website A and Website B links to Website C, the Website C gets 2 links. So links (backlinks) are basically votes from other websites and the more votes you get the higher your blog and its pages are ranked in the Search Engines. These backlinks not only increase your blog ranking but also increases traffic to your blog.

How to Get High Quality Backlinks

How to Get High Quality Backlinks?

The process to get backlinks takes time and requires little patience but the end result is going to make you money. Most of the newbies bloggers may quite blogging because of this process but it is not that much difficult. If you succeeded in this process then you are all set to go.

As the title of this article says “Quality Links” then let’s first understand how quality of backlinks are judged. In this way you will get only the quality links and thus you will save time by not wasting your time on low quality links.

Here is How to Judge the Quality of Backlinks

There are number of factors you can judge. Let’s discuss one by one.

  • The first factor is Page Rank (PR) which is a system introduced by to measure a website, blog or a page on the scale of 1 to 10. Page Rank is calculated by the number of backlinks a website or page gets. The more backlinks a website gets the higher Page Rank is assigned to it. You can find the PR of any website using this tool. Enter a website and it will show you the current PR of a website or page. The PR of is 9 which means that is one of the highest quality site on internet.
  • The second factor is Domain Authority (DA) which is a system introduced by to measure the total number of backlinks of a domain and then assign a number from 1 to 100. So basically it measures a website based on its total links on a scale of 1 to 100. The difference between the PR and DA is that DA is updated more frequently and provides more details. Higher Domain Authority means that a domain is of more quality. You can check the DA of any website or page in this tool. Simply enter a website in the box and click on “Search” to find its DA. For example the DA of is 100.
  • The 3rd factor is Alexa Rank. It is a system by which measures the overall traffic of a website and assigns a number to it. For example the Alexa Rank of is 1, is 2 and is 3. Which means that is the first top visited website on internet, facebook is the 2nd most visited and is the 3rd most visited website on internet. Thus every website gets an Alexa Rank number based on its overall traffic. The lower the number the higher its traffic. Normally when the Alexa Rank of website is below 100,000 it means that the website gets good amount of traffic every month. To check the Alexa Rank of a website you can visit Enter a domain name in the search box and click on “Go” button to find out its Global Rank or its Rank in its local country.

Note:- The PR and DA is calculated for every page of a blog. For example if the PR of a blog domain is 6 then it is not necessary that all its articles will have the same PR 6. Every article will have its own PR and DA. For example may have PR 0 and may have a PR 2.

These are the common factors you must know about a blog or website to judge its quality. When you get a backlink from high PR and high DA website, then it will have huge impact on your blog ranking. And if the Alexa Rank of a website is good then it means that you can also expect to receive good traffic from the website.

Now let me give you a simple example so that you can understand how important these factors are.

1 Backlink from PR 5 and DA 50+ is more important then 100 Backlinks from PR 0 and DA 10 websites. So always look for the quality instead of the quantity and keep these factors in mind when acquiring backlinks.

Now Let’s Start With The Process to Get Backlinks

There are different techniques to get backlinks and the best part is that all the techniques are Free. You just need to spend some time by applying the techniques and at the end you are going to get hundreds and thousands of backlinks for your blog. So let’s discuss all the different techniques below.

However before going with the process let me first introduce you with two different types of backlinks. One is known as Dofollow and the other is known as Nofollow.

Dofollow Backlinks are those backlinks which are counted in your total number of backlinks. These backlinks are responsible for improving your ranking in By default every backlink is Dofollow.
Nofollow Backlinks are those backlinks which does not count in your total number of backlinks. This was introduced by Google in 2005 and the purpose of a nofollow link was to not pass the link power from one to another. Thus these links will not increase the Page Rank for a website.

In order to improve your blog ranking in Search Engines you need to get Dofollow Backlinks. As I mentioned by default every backlink is dofollow but a blog or website owner can make external links nofollow by adding a simple HTML code rel=”nofollow”. In order to check weather a link is nofollow or dofollow you can install this free extension in your Google Chrome Browser.

Now let’s start to acquire backlings.

1# Social Bookmarking

There are free social bookmarking websites where you can submit your blog or its articles to get a free link. In every bookmarking websites you will need to register a free account and then you will need to manually enter the details of your blog e.g the Title and Description of your blog or its articles. After successfully entering the details you then click on the “Submit” or “Publish” button and you get a free link back.

It is quite simple process but you will need to submit your blog to as many bookmarking sites as you can. Every bookmarking websites will have different categories in it and you will need to select the correct category for your blog. For example if your blog is about “Xbox Gaming”, you will need to add your blog to “Gaming” or “Games” category.

If the category is not available in bookmarking website then you will need to find the next relevant category. For example “Entertainment”. Even if the next relevant category is not available then it means the website does not allow submission for your blog. However in most cases the category will be available and since there are thousands  of social bookmarking websites you will have plenty of options available.

Now let me show you the process of submitting a website to a social bookmarking website. In this example I will be using which is one of the popular social bookmarking website. Its PR is 8, DA is 99 and Alexa Rank is 61.

Step 1:- Register a Free Account in Reddit here

Enter a Username, your email address and password. Enter the CAPTCHA code shown in the image to verify that you are a human. Click on “create account” and a confirmation email will be sent to your email account. Confirm your account and login.

Step 2:- After logging in to your account, click on the “Submit a new link” button.

Step 3:- On the next page you will need to enter your Blog Title, Domain and select a category. Enter your blog information and click on “Submit” button. (As shown in the screenshot below). 

Make sure to select the most relevant category from the “Choose a subreddit” field. Just enter the name of a category and if it is available then it will appear. Click on it and it will be added. If the category is not available then try searching another one. Once done click on “Submit” and your blog will be submitted to

You can also submit any of your article or page to Reddit. The good thing about Reddit is that once it is added to the site, user can vote it and the more votes you get the higher it is ranked inside the If your article is shown on top of the category then you can get thousands of free traffic from it. So apart from a free backlink you can also get thousands of traffic to your blog.

There are thousands of Social Bookmarking Websites and can pick the top quality website to submit your blog or its articles to get backlinks and free traffic. Here is the list of 500 dofollow social bookmarking sites.

Now you have the opportunity of getting 500 free quality backlinks for your blog. If you can register manually in all the websites then you can easily get all of them. However as it will take several hours for a human to register in all these websites and then submit a blog. You can use a software called Bookmarking Demon which can automate the whole process. It will automatically create accounts and then submit to all the websites. It is little expensive but worth investing in it. Its price is $147 and you can save 10% on it by applying the coupon code 22C0F80B7C.Here is the link for the Bookmarking Demon Software.

Note:- If you want to use Bookmarking Demon then make sure to start submitting to 20 websites every day. Don’t submit to 500 websites on a single day. If do this then Google will catch you because Google hates these softwares and you need to play in the safe zone.

2# Blog Commenting

The second free method used for creating quality backlinks and increasing traffic to a blog is “Blog Commenting.” Almost every blog has the feature of “Comments” for their readers which allows them to post comments for a articles. In the screenshot below you can see how a comment section on a blog looks.

The comment section is normally added just below the article on a blog. There are different blogs and every blog has different styles for comments form. The above screenshot is example of a WordPress Blog. As WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platform you will find millions of blogs where you can post comments to acquire free backlinks.

For example in this blog I have replaced the default WordPress Commenting Form with FaceBook commenting system. As you can see just below this article you can add comments using your facebook account. If you post a comment using FaceBook commenting system then you will have no option for getting a link. Thus you need those blogs which has the default WordPress Commenting system and allows you enter your website while posting a comment.

As you can see in the above screenshot, the “comment form” has Name, Email and Website fields. Here you can type your name, email address and link to your blog. In the fourth field you will need to write the comment; once you are done, click on the “Submit” button. The comment will go to the blog admin for moderation, and when it is reviewed and approved, it will appear in the page where you have posted it.

Your name will be linked to your website automatically once the comment is approved and published. As you can see in the screenshot above the name of the commenters are linked to its websites. This way free links are generated from articles within the commenting section.

Comment Posting Tips

Submit comments in relevant blogs. For example, if your blog is about fashion, then find the blogs that are related to fashion. This is important because Google treat relevant links as quality links. For example if your blog is about Xbox Gaming and you are posting comments in “Cosmetics” related blogs then this is irrelevant to your blog.

Collect the list of blogs that are related to your blog and regularly post comments in its new articles. Use this website to find relevant blogs to comment on. This website can find blogs with different commenting systems. Just enter your required keyword and select the type of blogs you want to comment on, and click on “Search” button. It will search Google for all the blogs where you can post comments. Go through one of them and if it has a extra field for “Website” then go ahead and place a comment on it.

Don’t post short comments. For example “great article,” “thank you,” “that was great,” etc. because they are normally considered spam. Once you are marked as a spammer it is very difficult to post comments in blogs. So be very careful when posting comments in other blogs.

Read the article and add a very relevant comment so that you can add value to the discussion. By doing this, other readers will also want to visit your blog to find more quality information from you.

Use your real name in the “name” field. Most blog owners don’t allow readers to use “keywords” or “anchor text” in the name field. So make sure to use your real name.

Use Gravatar (Avatar) for your email so that it can appear in the blog next to your comment. Here is the detailed tutorial for adding Gravatar for your email address. Thus, whenever you use the email to post a comment in a blog, your photo will always appear in the comment.

Note:- Majority of the blogs uses Nofollow tag for the comments. However you can still post comments in these blogs to improve your blog ranking and get traffic. Although Google has stated that Nofollow links will not increase Page Rank but in reality it does improve PR and the overall ranking of a blog or page. Specially in Blog Commenting case it is 99% true.

3# Article Submission

The 3rd technique is the submission of articles in different article directories to gain exposure and backlinks. There are thousands of free article submission directories where you can submit articles for free, however you need to submit only in the high quality websites. It is little time consuming but the end result is going to increase your blog traffic, help you in acquiring backlinks that will ultimately improve your ranking in Search Engines. If you are worried about writing articles then you can outsource someone for the article writing work. I will be discussing this in details in the Outsourcing section in Chapter 8.

The process of submission is simple, however you will first need to write an article. The article should relate to the topic of your blog. For example if your blogging topic is “Xbox Gaming” then you can write an article about “5 Upcoming Xbox Games for 2015“. The minimum words required by most of the article submission directories are 500 words. However it may vary website to website. For example which is a PR 6, DA 91 and Alexa Rank 858 is one of the popular article submission directory. Where you can submit an article of minimum 400 words.

Let’s further discuss how to start submitting articles.

Step 1:- Register a free account with here

Enter your registration information including your website link and click on “Create My Account!” to register a free account. You will be automatically redirected to your Dashbaord from where you can start submitting articles.

Step 2:- Click on “Write&Edit” button to add your article.

As you can see in the sceenshot, you need to start with a Title. Add a title which will then appear in and in the Search Engines. Make sure to select the most appropriate Category for your article. Then a short Summary of at least 150 characters.

In the Body section you need to add your main article. The minimum length of the Body should be 400 words and maximum length should be 5000 words.

Inside the Keywords field add maximum 5 keywords related to the title of your article. For example if the title of your article is “5 Upcoming Xbox Games for 2015” then you can add keywords separate by comma. For example xbox games,upcoming games,2015 games,xbox,games etc…

Resource Box is the important field and it is the field where you are allowed to add links to your blog or its articles. Rosource Box is also known as “Author Bio” or “Author Biography” and in most of the article submission websites you will need to add your blog links inside this field. This is how you are going to get a backlink for your blog from the website.

However in most of the Resource Boxes you will need to add HTML code for a link. I have already explained the HTML code for creating backlink in this section (Navigate to what is html code?). In the screenshot below I have shown how to insert HTML code to generate a backlink with your required Anchor Text.

Here is the code inserted <a href"">Xbox Games</a>. In most of the Resource Boxes or Author Bio Boxes you will need to insert links using this HMTL code so make sure to memorize it.

After adding the information click the “Preview Article” to check your article for any errors. If everything is fine go ahead and click on “Submit This Article” button. It will be submitted for approved and once it is approved you will get a confirmation email from You can then visit your article to see your blog link at the end of the article in Resource Box.

This is how backlinks are generated through Article Submission Websites. As I mentioned earlier there are thousands of free directories for article submission. However make sure to submit only to PR 3+, DA 40+ websites. Here is the list of 25 quality websites for article submission.

4# Question & Answer Communities

There are several websites where people ask questions, and other users and experts answer them. Yahoo Answers is one of the leading question & answer (Q&A) websites with millions of users participating in it.

Participate in Q&A websites and keep an eye on the questions related to your blog or website. For example, if someone is asking “how to take screenshots on android smartphone” and you have already written an article about this topic, then you can recommend your article to the person. In this way you can get a free backlink from Yahoo Question page and can also get traffic to your blog.

Here is a example of question asked by a user and a reply with relevant links added by another user.

This is a great way to get the most targeted and relevant backlink from Question & Answer communities. However you need to make sure that your answer is relevant to the question and should satisfy the need or problem of the user. If you post irrelevant links then Yahoo can caught you and can mark you as a spammer.

In order to add answers for questions you will need to register a free account with Yahoo Question & Answer website. Registration is free and anyone can post question and answers.

Step 1:- Create a Yahoo Email Account or use your existing one to signup for Yahoo Q&A website. Here is the link

Step 2:- After signing up login to your account and start browsing the categories or search for a specific question. After you have found a relevant question, add a useful and valuable answer for the question with your blog article link.

This is how you can acquire backlinks from Question & Answer communities. However in order to post links in Yahoo Question you will need to first earn some points. Points are given on the basis of the number of questions asked, the number of vote’s given to an answer, and the number of answers given to questions.

The more points you have the more features are added to your account. For example, accounts with Level 1 can not post links in an answer in Yahoo Q&A. In order to post links inside answers you will need to have access to a Level 2 account. Levels are added to your account once you have more points. Every Q&A has its own system and restrictions for placing links in the answer, so make sure to read them and participate naturally. Links from such communities are always considered one of the quality and relevant backlinks.

This list contains 13 websites where you can post questions and answers. Register in the websites and keep looking for the possible opportunities to acquire high quality backlinks for your articles. However in order to stay safe and establish good reputation in these sites, make sure to help users by solving their problems. Place links to other helpful links, provide solutions and once in a while add link to your own articles. Do not post links in all your answers, so that you are not marked as a spammer.

5# Video Submission

This is one of the rare way to not only build high quality backlinks but also increase traffic to your blog. In this method you will need to upload videos to video hosting websites like, etc…

Once the video is uploaded you can add your blog or page links inside the description field. This way you get links from high quality websites from video pages.

Here is the process of uploading videos to

Step 1:- Before you continue, you will first need a video in FLV, 3GP, AVI, WMV, MPEGPS, MOV, MPEG4 or WebM format. The video you will be creating should match the topic of your blog so that you can get relevant backlink and targeted traffic. There are number of ways to create a video. Here is a in-depth article written by which can help you in creating your first youtube video. However if you still can’t figure out how to create a video you can hire someone on It is a great place to get your work done for just $5.

Step 2:- After the video is created the next step is to upload to your account. I assume you already have a youtube account, if you don’t have you can go ahead and signup via your Gmail account.

In order to upload a video simply click on the “Upload” button.

If this is your first time uploading a video you will be asked to create a channel for your videos. Go ahead and click on “Ok” to create a channel.

Click on the big arrow button to locate your video file from your computer.

On the next page the video will start uploading and you will be presented with a page to add information about your video. For example the Title, Description, Tags and Category for the video.

  1. The first field is for Title. Add a appealing title which will appear in Youtube and Google Search Result Pages.
  2. Add the description here with link to your blog or article. This is the place for acquiring a high quality backlink for your blog.
  3. In the Tags field add short keywords related to the title of the video. For example xbox,games,top, free games etc…
  4. To select a category for your video click on ‘Advanced Settings” and then select a category from the drop down menu.

6. You can also allow or disable comments on the videos from the “Advanced Setting” options. Once you make all the changes click on the “Publish” button. However make sure to watch the processing bar. If it says “Processing Done” then you are good to go, otherwise wait for the processing to complete.

Step 3:- Now you have successfully uploaded a video with link back to your blog or article. In order to get more advantage from the same video you can also upload the same video to another video hosting website. For example to or Vimor etc.

Here is the list of 15 most popular video websites. Go ahead and submit the same video to all of them to acquire more backlinks.

6# Guest Blogging

It is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your blog and also one of the way to build stable and high quality links for your blog. In guest blogging what you do is basically write for other blogs to gain exposure and also get a link in return. For example you contact a blog owner and ask for contribution in his/her blog. If you are given permission to write then you will need to write an article and send for his/her review.

After the review if it meets their requirements and guidelines it is published along with your Author Bio. The Author Bio or Author Biography is a place where short information about the contributor of the article is added. Inside the Author Bio you are also given a backlink which gives you exposure and a backlink.

So you will basically contribute as a guest in other blogs and in return you will get backlinks. The process is quite simple but requires your time and efforts.

Step 1:- First find out a blog that is related to your blog. For example if your blog is about Xbox Gaming then find out a blog related to Xbox Gaming, Online Gaming etc.

To a find a blog that accept guest posts you can follow the techniques mentioned below.

Method #1

This one is little time consuming method but it can help you find only the most high quality blogs. Go to and navigate to the category you are looking for a blog. For example click on “Gaming”. If you succeeded to contribute your first article in any of the first 100 websites listed in the category that is related to your blog, then it can significantly improve your blog ranking in search engines.

Inside the category you will find all the blogs related to “Gaming” category. Visit each blog and look for “Submit Guest Posts”, “Contribute”, “Submit Articles” or any other similar words in the navigational menu, footer menu or on the sidebar. If the blog accept contribution from guest authors then you are all set to go.

Step 2:- Read their guidelines and write an outstanding article for them. Send it for their review along with your Author Bio and wait for the approval. Once your article is reviewed and approved it will be added to the blog along with your author.

You should keep contributing articles in different blogs to get backlinks and traffic for your blog.

Method #2

Here is a list of 600 blogs in different category that accept contribution from Guest Authors. You can collect all the blogs related to your blog topic and can contact them for contribution. However make sure to only contribute in blogs with high PR, DA and Alexa Ranking.

Method #3

Search in google for the following keywords. Make sure to replace the “keyword” with your own so that you can find relevant blogs. For example xbox gaming “guest post”

  • keyword "guest post"
  • keyword "guest posts"
  • keyword "guest post by"
  • keyword "submit a guest post"
  • keyword "guest post guidelines"
  • keyword "accepting guest posts

Guest blogging is one of the powerful ways that can help you not only in acquiring high quality backlinks but also building relationship with fellow bloggers.

To further master the skill of guest blogging you can read an in-depth article written by KSS

7# Discussion Communities

There are different discussion communities known as forums where people discuss different things. For example there are Gaming forums where people discuss about gaming, similarly there are health and fitness forums, business and finance forums and so one. These forums can help you in getting backlinks to your site while taking part in the discussions. Which can also help you to get instant traffic to your blog.

Here is the process to get backlinks from discussion communities.

Step 1:- First find a forum related to your blog topic. Here is the list of 700 forums.

Here is the screenshot of a Gaming Forum.

As you can see there are different discussion boards where people discuss about it. Similarly in every forum you will find different topics where people will be discussing about it.

Once you are registered in a forum you can also participate in a discussion or can start your own discussion thread.

There are two ways to get links from such discussion forums. No. 1 is to add signature in your forum. Signature is a place which is shown in your profile with every discussion. It is automatically added with all of your discussions thus you don’t need to add manually.

In order to keep spammers away from the forums, the administrator of the forum can restrict adding signature for number of days or number of posts. So be aware that you will not be given direct access to add a signature after registration. Once you have spend the X days and post the X posts then you will be given the option to add a signature.

Here is the example of a signature.

In order to add a similar signature. You can go to “User CP” option mostly located at the top navigational menu on a website.

The 2nd method to acquire backlinks via forums is to participate in different discussions and keep an eye out of the topics that are related to your blog. If there is a discussion going on a particulate topic and you have already written about it in your blog, then you can share the link with the readers.

However make sure not to spam the forum because the moderators of the forum are always looking for spam and if you are continuously found spamming then you could lose your account.

This is how you can get backlinks from discussion communities. Find at least 3 to 5 forums related to your blog and keep active in it. Once you have build some reputation in the forums you will be able to find easy opportunities for acquiring links and traffic to your blog.

8# Internal Linking

Internal linking means linking one of your old article in a new article. This is totally in your control and can help you to not only get links to your older articles but can also help in keeping your bounce rate low.

Bounce Rate means the percentage of visitors coming to your blog and navigating to other pages of your blog. Higher bounce rate means that visitors coming to your blog views only one page and then leave your blog. Higher bounce rate is not a good sign and it can decrease your blog search engine raking position.

You should keep your bounce rate low by linking to your other articles. So that whenever a visitor access one of your blog article can also visit one of your another article. This way your bounce rate will always remain low which will ultimately improve your blog ranking in search engines.

Thus it is advised to interlink your articles with each other to build backlinks and also keep your bounce rate low.

These are the different ways you can utilize to get backlinks for your blog. One last thing I would like to mention here is that if your blog speed is slow then it can also decrease your blog ranking. So make sure that your blog is loading faster. Here is a post written by Google which provides guidelines on how to improve your blog speed.

Now that you have learned all the different ways to get backlinks, in the next section I am going to discuss some of the advanced ways for acquiring backlinks. Remember the more backlinks you get the higher your blog and its pages rank in search engines and higher ranking means more traffic.

And traffic is then going to make you money.

So lets discuss the advanced ways to get more backlinks and skyrocket your rankings.