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Things To Look For When Buying A Laptop

Buying a laptop is a time consuming process. Whether you are a developer or spend your time writing software, for your company or a teacher making term exams for your class or just a guy surfing the web, you need the right laptop to meet your needs and budget, so have write this article which guides, you which parameters or things to look for when buying a laptop. You must always consider following parameters.

Things To Look For When Buying A Laptop
Things To Look For When Buying A Laptop

  • Budget (Should always be the first thing to sort out).
  • Category (There are many categories like gaming, editing, business).
  • Platform (Machine Dependent).
  • Brand (There are many brands like HP, Dell, MacBook).
  • Specs (Is a vital parameter to meet your requirement).
  • Screen-size (Right size for the right job).
  • Battery-life (Important factor to be considered).


Laptops and other electronic gadgets are pricy things. You should always look at your pocket before going out in a tech market.

If you are on a low budget, there are always some cheap laptops that can help you meet your requirement, but if you look at expensive laptops with an astonishing feature, that chain goes on and on my friend.

Whether you are a gamer, play different kinds of game, or you are an editor to spend your time on graphics and video editing. There is a versatile variety of laptops around. Here are some categories of laptops:


  • Gaming laptops.
  • Video editing laptops.
  • Business laptops.


That’s not an easy question, especially when you are not familiar with each platform. Mac and Windows laptops are most people familiar with, but Chrome-OS is a new thing in the markets right now.

We will try to make this subject easy for you. Mac and Windows laptops offer all kinds of flexibility there should be in a laptop while Chrome-OS is based on Google Chrome that works like a tablet.

If you are into Netflix and social media, then Chrome-OS is good for you, but if you need different types of software and working environment like desktops, then you should consider windows or Mac (MacBook Only).

Microsoft Windows laptops have so much to offer, and it will help, you meet your requirement either you are looking for an environment to play games professionally, with high resolution or an environment where, you can work with graphics and video editing with detailed results. Platform is the most important parameter to look for when buying a laptop.

Mac does the same for you like windows laptop but with a few changings. You will find Siri at the left bottom of your MacBook instead of Cortana, and one thing you should remember, that MacBook is not supposed to come in with touchpads like many of the windows laptops do, but they offer similar functionality like Windows laptops.


There’s a laptop for every use like above-mentioned. As technology improves many manufactures joined the business. of laptop, so when you search of best laptop you will see a huge variety of laptops, that will make you confused about choosing the one that you actually need, so we’ve compiled a list of best laptop brands in the world to make it easy for you.

  • Lenovo
  • Dell
  • Asus
  • Apple
  • Acer
  • HP


Lenovo is considered as one of the top brand laptop manufacturing company. It specifically designs the laptop for professional gamers and content creators. Its portable laptops can carry users wherever they go.

Lenovo also deals with the budget laptops for home usage that involves modern innovation of 2 in 1 laptop, and users can use it as a laptop as well as a tablet. Lenovo gives users enough storage with vast display resolution and highly compatible specs that makes it one of the top brands in the world.


Dell is also one of the top laptops and computer peripherals manufacturing company in the world. It makes sure that its product has all the astonishing features that meet the demand for the latest technology and every business so that they can handle any task. Their famous laptops brands are Alienware, XPS-Performance, and Vostro and Inspiron-Everyday.

Dell’s laptops are highly customizable that make them right for any job either that is high-resolution gaming or the work of a detailed graphic.


Asus is one of the leading company worldwide that deals with laptops and other computer peripherals. They’ve got a big name in the gaming, and its motherboards and notebooks are considered number one in the world.

Their famous products are VivioBook, ZenBook, Republic of gamers, EeeBook, Asus gaming series and ZenBoom flip series. All of Asus’s product is used worldwide that lead Asus to win 2511 awards in just one year.


Apple Is known worldwide by their high prices, but they delivered promising products. Apple’s laptops give ultimate performance based on their high graphics, size, memory and compatible nature to handle any task makes them number 1 in the world of sexiest gadgets.

IOS in apple’s laptops are fully optimized and easily executable. Some of their popular laptops are MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac OS Sierra and Mac OS X Mavericks.


Their great laptops and other computer peripherals make Acer one of the tops in the world. They are known for their versatile features and stunning looks. Their man laptop models are Swift, Spin, Acer One, Aspire S, Aspire E, Nitro and Switch.

They give so many features with strong innovation and forward-thinking that makes their laptop perfect for all kinds of jobs either high-resolution gaming or a detailed work of graphics. Their high-performance computing, with various configuration and features makes, them one of the best laptop manufacturing company in the world.


HP is the world’s largest company of electronics and computers. Their laptops are amazingly designed for ease of use and high performance. Their laptops are fully loaded with all kinds of features with a very thin design that makes them good with battery life.

HP EliteBook and ProBook give astonishing speed and power; light design of it makes it perfect for office usage. HP provides touchscreen in their laptops. Some of their famous products are HP Spectre, HP Omen, HP NoteBook, HP ProBook and HP EliteBook. Their battery life goes to 11hours straight, due to their high performance and quality, they are considered one of the best laptops in the world.


Specifications of a laptop or any peripheral computing consist of the following attributes.

  1. CPU (Central-Processing-Unit).
  2. RAM (Random-Access-Memory).
  3. Storage (Secondary-Memory).
  4. Screen-Resolution/Graphics.
  5. Connectivity-Options.

People often get confused over specifications, not only good graphics chip or a RAM alone make your system run faster. It’s like BMI (Body-Mass-Index), to make your device efficient you need to maintain your specifications accordingly.


CPU Is an electric brain. Information goes in and out simultaneously. Due to its complex calculation in a very short time makes it the most important factor in the list of specifications. There are many CPUs currently available in tech markets. Some of them designed by Intel and AMD, those are the famous one in markets.


RAM is like the consciousness of the system; more size of RAM will no doubt make your system handle more task at one time. Now a days 16GB RAMs are available in laptops.


Storage is another thing you should consider before buying a laptop. It’s the capacity of your laptop to store data in it. There are currently two types of storage. One is the HDD,and the other isSSD. HDD can store a lot of data, you will find this kind of storage in most of the laptops while SSD has a low capacity of storage, but it saves your battery life and has fast-moving bits than HDD.


Screen-Resolution is another main factor for users to sort out before buying a laptop because your game performance and detailed editing work pretty much depend on the resolution of the screen. 

In the past, most laptops have a resolution of 1366x768p on their screens, and this means that much pixels on a screen. But nowadays laptops normally came with 1920x1080p resolution that is HD (High-Definition), but if you spend more money, you can get 3840x2160p screen resolution on your laptop that is Ultra HD.

Connectivity is a necessary feature of a laptop. It is a USB port, and if your laptop has Type-C port, then you can charge your laptop with the cable of Type-C by an outside environment. Its basic function is to stream data, from other devices like smartphones and other tech gadgets that make it an important factor to consider.


Screen-size is an important thing to consider before buying a laptop. If you are a gamer and passionate about playing games with high-resolution and low input lag. A better screen-size can help you meet your requirement. There are different sizes available in tech markets right now. So, that’s why screen size is consider to be listed in one of the best parameters to look for when buying a laptop.


Battery-life relates to screen-size and resolution, the higher resolution you have, the less battery performance you got. But there are some laptops that came up with a solution for battery-life.

As above-mentioned laptops, some of them have a battery life of 11 hours straight.


If you keep above-mentioned details in your mind before going to market, you can buy a good laptop that meets your requirements under a suitable budget.

We have enlisted above all those things to look for when buying a laptop and these play important factors in a laptop. Brands don’t matter; all the brands that are discussed above are the world’s legendary, what matter is your requirement meeting specification. We hope you enjoy reading it. Good luck.

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