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Get Started With Google Adwords and Digital Marketing

Google AdWords is the best advertising service designed and launched by Google, the giant search engine platform. This advertising platform lets the business folks display various ads on Google and the advertising network. It is a system of advertising from Google wherein the advertisers or the marketers make a bid on specific keywords that in turn receive clicks on the ads that display in the search results of Google. 

The advertisers need to make some sort of payment for the clicks on different ads. This way, Google, the giant search engine platform makes money from the search results page. Some of the vital elements of Google AdWords are Quality Score, cost per click and a lot more. This Google AdWords system lets the businesses to fix some budget so as to take part in advertising via online.

Get Started With Google Adwords and Digital Marketing

The advertisers will get money whenever the readers or the visitors to the blog click on the ads. The Google AdWords service is completely emphasized on the keywords. If you are a novice user of search marketing and online marketing then, you might be less aware of Google AdWords. 

The Google advertising service lets the users set the search results for their website on the search engine results page through proper payment. It is needless to stay consistent with the organic traffic received by the novice website so as to increase the rankings. For boosting up the rankings, the organic traffic doesn’t help the marketers. In order to overcome the difficulty, it is better to use paid search that in turn shows instant productivity from the business. Here is everything you need to know about Google AdWords!

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What is google Adwords? 

Google AdWords is a type of service related to online advertising which is developed by the search engine behemoth Google. It enables the digital marketers to reach their target audience in an instant way. Whenever people search for some topic on the search engine Google, it throws a number of results within the list of searches on the search engine page. If you see it clearly, you must have observed the topmost, as well as the bottom results on the search page, are generally advertisements. There will be certain amount given to the advertiser based on the number of clicks on specific ads on SERP. It is often referred to as the Search Engine Results Page. How is Google capable of displaying the relevant ads?

Google has an inbuilt algorithm which renders the ability to display the type of ad for a particular kind of search. In this post, we will discuss the categories of ads that are often used to run on the Google AdWords platform. Most of the businesses will design the adwords based on the search behavior of the customers. The business experts have a clear understanding of the keywords that get a massive search from the customers. Based on that particular keyword’s popularity, the business people will generate relevant ads. When the people search for some item on the search engine, they can view the keywords related ads displayed on the Google Search Engine.To learn more about Google Adwords check the Digital Marketing Courses from DigitalNest and add pro skill to your Digital Marketing career.

Google Adwords Features

  • Keyword Planner Tool is the Best thing in the Google Adwords which is listed in GoogleWords. This tools helps to find keywords for your content to attract SERP users.
  • You can Advertise your business, blog or product in Google Adwords easily
  • Google Adwords is the top Advertising Platform for Pay Per Click Adverstising.

Experience the world of Google Adwords here. If you have Google Adwords queries or Google Words Queries please comment below. We will provide a solution for you.

Advantage of PPC ads is you will pay the money for a click. So that you are going to attract interested users who are willing to buy a product or other in business.

Keyword match options 

When an ad relevant to your AdWords got a click then, the Google search engine users will be directed towards your website. At the top of the Google search results, one can find the sponsored links. When picking the keywords for your AdWords campaigns, you can find various matching options. There are two main keyword match options present on the web. It includes the following:

  • Broad Match: This type of keyword matches will reach the audience by displaying an ad soon after the search started using a specific keyword.
  • Phrase Match: The ad will be displayed on the screen based on the searches that match with the precise phrase or word.
  • Exact Match: Exact Match Ad is referred to as the ad that appears whenever the exact phrase matches in an exclusive manner.
  • Negative Match: The ad never pops up on the screen as the word or phrase that the customer has searched doesn’t match.

Types of Google Adwords ads

There are a plethora of types of ads present in Google AdWords that are beneficial for the marketers and advertisers for their business expansion. In this article, we have compiled a huge list of different types of Google AdWords Ads based on the campaign. Check it out!

1. Display ads

One of the most popular Google AdWords Ad Campaign is Display Ads. The Display Network ads are categorized into three types based on the specialized campaign. It includes standard, mobile app promotion and dynamic search ads. Have you ever identified the Display Ads? If not, we are here to help you in the best way. When you are reading an article or a post or simply watching a video on some website, you can view the ads in a slew of locations on the same page in a variety of sizes. Such type of ads is referred to as display ads.

In this type of ads, the common user is not exclusively exploring to know what an ad delivers. It is actually depended on a range of factors such as the interest of the audience, definite placement, keywords, and a lot more. Depending on these factors, the search engine will decide to display them to the searchers. In general, the display ads will pop-up on the advertising-compatible websites. In this post, we have listed out the target standard depending on which the Google picks the websites to place the banner ads.

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Keywords: In general, the ads are posted on the websites depending on the keywords that are actually optimized. When people search for the ad using a specific keyword then, Google will show the websites that have the content related to that topic.

Placements: It means the websites on which you wish your ad to display. Instead of the keywords, you need to add the websites wherein you are willing to display the ads. For instance, if you are seeking to display the ads on a blog relevant to traveling then search for advertisements that support travel websites. You need to add such websites to your target.

Topic: In Google AdWords, there are certain topics wherein different blogs are integrated together. It becomes pretty much simple for the digital marketers and advertisers to pick the topics that are specifically related to the type of businesses.

Remarketing: It is nothing but targeting the existing website audience so as to carry out marketing for your business. The existing visitors are those who visit the website but goes back without implementing any action.

2. Search ads

Whenever people search for some topic on the search engine giant, you will find a list of ads that pop-up right above the organic listing. Such ads are referred to as search ads. Below the title of the article, you can see a word namely Ad and they are nothing but search ads. The results that appear below the ads are organic outcomes. Google has its own terms and factors that assist the search engine to decide the ad that must display on the first page. 

This search engine behemoth has the authority to decide the sequence of the ads that follow the first ad. In this article, we have listed some of the factors that aid in the decision of ad placement on the search engine results page.

Factors in search network ads 

Search Phrase & Keyword: The search term is referred to as the topic for which you have been searching the web and the keyword that you elevate for.

Target: For example, the ads will be displayed in the geography that you select.

Landing Page: Another factor that is considered is landing page experience. It checks whether the landing page is relevant to the topic searched by the user.

Quality Score: It relies on the remaining aforementioned factors.

3. Video ads

This type of ad allows the advertisers to play different video ads on YouTube and remaining Google Display Networks. Check some of the advantages of using running video ads:

Quick Reach: One of the amazing advantages of the video ads is that they will grab the attention of the users with much ease. Currently, YouTube is the topmost visited video sharing website present on the internet and it has millions of visitors on a daily basis. In addition, video ads are present on the Google Display Network so that you will get access to a large number of audience.

Easy to target: The video ads comprises of device targets, keywords and appear in a demographic manner. It will eventually help the advertisers to get precise reach of the apt audience on YouTube.

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4. Shopping ads

These type of ads display the ads that are relevant to the e-commerce shopping websites. This ad type will definitely improve the traffic to your blog and aids in bringing quality leads. It also increases the conversions. In order to run the shopping ads on the search engine page, one must create an account using Google Merchant Center. In addition, set up an account using the Google AdWords and connect these two accounts.

Later, submit the updated product data for every 1 month to the Google Merchant Center. As two different tools are merged, the shopping ads acquire the information regarding the product from GMC and matches with the search query. Ultimately, it displays the related ads to the searcher.

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