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8 eCommerce WordPress Themes That Will Boom Your Sales

There are hundreds of reasons why more than 60 million websites use WordPress as their Content Management System (CMS) ─ easy to customize and install, installing plugins to customize the appearance of the front end, and easy to operate even for not so tech savvy individuals. Out of the top 500k websites in the world, 20.9% were found to be running WordPress. Although, CMS web development has picked up in few years, but WordPress maintains its top spot even though it has tough competition from some other CMS platforms ─ mainly Drupal, Joomla, and Magento.

8 eCommerce WordPress Themes That Will Boom Your Sales

One of the major industries where WordPress is used as a CMS platform is in E-commerce websites, mainly because of the availability of premium themes ─ both paid and free and plugins. But among thousands of themes, which one you use? Here are the top 8 e-commerce themes:

Top 8 eCommerce WordPress Themes

Here are the 8 best e-commerce WordPress themes

1. Shopkeeper

It is a well-designed eCommerce theme through which you can showcase your company’s portfolio and products, and build an efficient online store. The theme is quite flexible and can be used for multiple options as it makes front-end web development easier with the help of the visual composer plugin. It is also well responsive and performs well on all browsers and devices.

2. Atelier

This theme is available on all major CMS platforms. Its tag line is ‘eCommerce theme like no other’ and it certainly is true. The design of the theme is simple, sleep, and minimalistic, but modern. It’s a versatile WooCommerce theme, and what distinguished this theme from others is its responsive web design.

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3. Adot

This WP theme is relatively new compared to some other themes mentioned in this article, but it’s here mainly because of the fresh new design. It is packed with useful add-ons, an attractive fresh design, and tons of necessary features required to make an eCommerce website reach the top. 9 high-quality demos are available for you to get see and get the feel of the theme.

4. The Retailer

A user-friendly theme for building an eCommerce website with an excellent color combination. It comes with built-in customization tools and that’s all that you need to make your life more comfortable. It’s also built with visual composer plugin which makes it possible to create an advanced layout.

5. Bazar Shop

Unarguably one of the most popular WP themes, bought by more than 9000 websites. The theme is easy on the eye and it can help you create the most powerful eCommerce website when combined with woo commerce plugins. You get some really interesting features like creating your logo at the top, navigation menu, unlimited filters, custom background uploader even though 50 backgrounds are already included, social icons to share on social media, and much more.

6. OneShop

This theme gives a unique style to each product. With easy customizability ─ color schemes, listing style, background image, columns, and much more. Its unique style and flexibility make it easier to use as an eCommerce, especially for eCommerce platforms for a jewelry store, clothing store, electronics. The design is clean and has more than thirty CSS Ajax loaders, which you can preview before saving.

It’s compatible with plugins like Visual Composer, Layer Slider, WooCommerce, Yoast SEO plugin, etc.

7. MegaShop

This theme makes it perfect to use it for a clothing store, accessories, cosmetics, electronics. With stunning design and essential customizability options to ensure your eCommerce. 

website stands out and is unique. The theme is optimized for faster loading of the page and it is quite user-friendly as well. Fully customizable, you get 5 pre-defined layouts for an electronics store, cosmetics store, coffee shop, kids shop, and mega shop.

8. Labomba

Priced similar to its competition, this one is my personal favorite with its black and white color scheme, this will surely impress your users. The customization process has been simplified for the developers. You get 21 different layouts for your home page, personalized headers, and limitless color schemes.

Definitely attractive, parallax background is also available that allow you to easily manage the animation on the front-end which you can also disable if not necessary. This theme will certainly attract more users with it’s great UI and UX.

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There are so many free themes available in the market as well, but it’s better to buy a theme as you get additional integrated benefits and support. Also, it’s much less time consuming when you start customizing the theme. But it isn’t easy to customize the theme without the help of a professional ─ I would suggest hiring a web developer, someone with previous experience on working with a WordPress theme.

Author Bio: 

Arya Stark is a web developer working for an Offshore Ecommerce Web Development Company, Xicom which offers a quality ecommerce solutions. So if you are looking to avail the best ecommerce solutions, you can get in touch with her.

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