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How To Increase Alexa Rank Fast – The Simplest Tips

Alexa rank always has an extreme importance whenever you or someone wants to analyze the growth of any website or a blog. And from the day Google has announced that they might not update the Google Page Rank anymore, alexa has became the only source for analyzing the growth, reach and popularity of a blog or website.

How To Increase Alexa Rank Fast – The Simplest Tips
How To Increase Alexa Rank Fast

Well, it is not yet clear to anyone that on which particular algorithm Alexa actually ranks the websites globally but since its the only source everyone checks to measure the popularity and success of a website, its very very important that you give importance to it and make it sure that your blog’s alexa ranking is good and is increasing.

So, today we are going to discuss briefly about the ways you can use to increase alexa rank fast. You will learn the below mentioned things through this brief discussion:

  • What is Alexa rank.
  • Understanding Alexa algorithm.
  • How Alexa measures ranking.
  • Why your Alexa ranking is decreasing.
  • How to increase Alexa ranking.

And much more to make it sure we don’t leave anything uncovered today regarding increasing alexa rank of your blog or website.

How To Increase Alexa Rank Fast

You may be right that their are many other sources you can determine a website’s strength, ranking and popularity like Domain Authority, Page Authority, Backlinks, Moz Rank ( I don’t want to en-list PR as its dead now, RIP). But since they all are updated once or twice in a month instead of that the wonderful thing of Alexa is that, it updates daily. Yes, it does.

And this is the main reason anyone who wants to check up on your blog first wants to see the alexa ranking. Like, if you are submitting your blog for any advertising networks or if any individual advertiser wants to advertise on your blog, they first check the alexa rank of your blog because it gives a quick and exclusive glimpse of which situation your blog is in right now, its popularity, bounce rate, engagement and even from which regions you are getting your visitors (Which is among the most important factors, advertisers want to see).

But first you need to understand what Alexa rank actually is. In case if you are much familiar with it you can pass on to the next section but I must elaborate it a bit for the newbies.

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What Is Alexa Ranking?

Alexa rank is a Web Information Company which is popular in the blogging world due to its ability of ranking the websites and blogs from all over the world depending on the traffic they get.

Alexa rank doesn’t only show your blog’s ranking globally (all over the world) but also shows the average time a visitor spends on your blog, average page views per visitor, bounce rate. Alexa also shows which category of visitors you are getting for example students, males, females etc.

It also shows from which specific regions or countries you are getting most of your visitors or you can say most of the visitors, landing on your blog belong to which countries. Alexa also shows up the backlinks of your blog and it also shows the most dominant keywords from which you are getting traffic and also the sources from which you are getting most of your traffic, like Google is the most dominant source of traffic for my blog.

Now, that you know what alexa actually is, it's time to jump up to our next section which is:

Understanding Alexa Algorithms!

Honestly, as far as my knowledge Alexa doesn’t work up to a specific algorithm yet and the thing on which it works on is the most unfair. What? You didn’t get it? Let me go a bit deep.

Alexa actually has no proper algorithm for ranking your blog’s traffic stats or other factors. If it has one, their team should announce it properly as Google does to clear the endangers of bloggers and webmasters.

But right now, the factor on which Alexa ranks your websites is by recording those hits only which pass through their system which is through the Alexa tool bar (Extension). What does it mean? Yeah, its able to record the hits only if the visitor landing on your blog has Alexa toolbar installed in their browser.

It means that the blogs related to blogging, tech and similar niches will have better Alexa rankings as compared to the other unrelated niches.

Now that you have understood Alexa ranking algorithm and workout, its time to move on to some definite and working tips which you can follow to increase your blog’s alexa ranking. It surely will not work over night but something is better than nothing. 

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Tips To Increase Alexa Rank Fast!

The tips I am going to describe will be simple and basic so the newbies who are babies in this field can also work on it and improve their alexa rankings.

Claiming Your Website On Alexa

Yeah, its the first step. As soon as you are finished establishing your newly launched blog with overall settings. Its time to move upon

Sign up there and insert all the requested information in the right means their because this will help Alexa keep an eye on your blog for tracking your blog’s ranking globally.

Only filling up the necessary information isn’t the game, you should also claim your site where you will have to add some piece of coding in your blog’s template or theme.

Its the basic and most important step because if your site’s even not registered in Alexa, how they are going to rank it?.

Installing Alexa Toolbar On Your Browser

Now, what you have to do is simply download and install the Alexa toolbar extension. Its available for all most all browsers so you won’t have to switch on browsers for sure but it will be more easy if you are using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

The more users with alexa toolbars installed in their browser visit your blog, the more hits will pass through the Alexa system and the more your Alexa rank will go up.

You can also try to visit your own blog again and again, it works. 

Adding Alexa Widget To Your Blog

Now, after that you have claimed your website and also have installed the alexa toolbar in your browser. Its time to add alexa widget to your website or blog.

Their are several types of Alexa widgets, you can chose any of which you like. It doesn’t effect on ranking or any other thing.

Having an alexa widget on your blog or website is very important as it somehow helps Alexa to better track the hits and visitors landing on your blog.

Ok, the basic tips end here people. The above tips I described are the necessary one and once you follow these tips, you will start seeing difference for sure. These are the basic ones because you can’t proceed to the next level without following the above tips.

It doesn’t end here! I am going to mention some extra and proven tips and tricks below from which you can surely increase alexa rank fast of your blog or website.

Be Active On Facebook Groups!

By using the word Facebook Groups I never mean to say only Facebook groups but because people mostly use Facebook. If you have some genuine tech, blogging related groups over some other social networks in sight you can also join them.

Be active on groups with technology and blogging related niches. Just don’t try to spam because normally groups like that have very strong moderation terms and you will be kicked out the moment you try to spam.

Build some trust at first, take part in the group activities, share your knowledge and tricks with others and slowly start sharing your written articles but only there, where it makes sense.

This way you will start getting traffic from technology experts and bloggies which will make a great impact on your blog’s alexa rankings.

Google Plus Is A Vital Ingredient

Have you ever tried taking part in popular Google Plus communities with active members? I am sure you had never but the time hasn’t gone past yet.

Find some popular and active Google plus communities within your niche and start taking part their.

You don’t always have to share your blog post URLs in groups or communities because if the members think that you are delivering valuable tips and tricks and taking part actively, they just become keen to checkout your profile so that they can visit and explore your blog.

Adding Videos Inside Your Posts (Video Blogging)

If you haven’t focused on video blogging yet, its time to do now. Because video blogging not only makes it easy for you to deliver more efficiently to your readers but also increases engagement and reduces bounce rate of your blog.

Want to know how? Look, suppose you have embedded a video on your blog post and the visitors landing on that post are also watching that video, it will surely make a great impact on your blog’s engagement and eventually your alexa rankings will increase. Not only alexa ranking but it will also affect Google ranking as Google loves blogs full of user engagement.

Write Appealing And Linke-able Content

If you are talking about a blog’s ranking whether its Alexa ranking, Google or any other and you don’t talk about content, you surely have missed the spices from your dinner.

Write appealing and linke-able content because the more people share and link to that content, the more backlinks you will get and the more increase in rankings you will see.

 Upgrading To Alexa Pro Membership

You can also upgrade to any of the pro membership plans of Alexa which you can afford. Pro membership will give you stats of your blog more briefly and in depth which will surely help you to work on the factors which you want to improve.

Reaching Out To Your Subscribers! (Exclusive Tip)

I don’t know if some other blogger has described this tip or not but I really wanted to share it with you because I implemented and it worked great.

Wait is over, just read carefully. 

Well, you just need to reach to your subscribers via email. You can try any method and any email service. What I want you to do is just ask them to install the Alexa toolbar in their browser. Elaborate some benefits of the toolbar to them and at the end of the post just give a quick link of the toolbar in the email and Boooom … You are done.

What effect it will produce? Look, as I mentioned above in depth the working mechanism of Alexa which depends on Alexa toolbar. As more and more of your visitors have Alexa toolbar installed in their browsers, more and more will your rankings increase.

And it will also doesn’t matter anymore if your blog is related to technology or blogging niche because your readers will also the key in their browsers now.


So, what do you think about this definite guide to increase alexa rank fast for long term blogs specially. Do let me know of your experience regarding the last and the most genuine tip whether it worked or not and also the replies if you get any.

Share your thoughts, let your mind speak and I will try to answer as soon as possible. 

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